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IGBC Green Data Center

The IGBC activities have enabled a market transformation in embracing green building concepts, materials and technologies. IGBC continuously works to provide tools that facilitate the adoption of green building practices in India. The development of IGBC Green Data Center Rating System is another important step in this direction. The Green Data center rating system is intended to enable construction and operation of data centers with enhanced resource efficiency, thereby leading to National benefits.

Data Centers have assumed tremendous importance in the last decade as India continues to become more and more digital. They contribute significantly to several National benefits including the ways Businesses are done, reduction in fossil fuel use by reducing travel for trade & domestic transactions, man-day savings involved in day-to-day activities, IT enabled services, speed of communications, employment generation and several others. IT infrastructure and data centers are vital in translating the country's vision of emerging as 'Digital India'.

The rating system addresses the following aspects:

  • Energy Efficiency
  • Operation & Maintenance
  • Water Conservation
  • Indoor Environmental Quality
  • Site Selection and Planning
  • Building Material and Resources

Please download the rating system by clicking on the link given below:
IGBC Green Data Center Rating System
IGBC Green Data Centre Rating System First Addendum 2017

For more information on IGBC Green Data Center Rating System, please contact to:

Mr S Karthikeyan
Principal Counsellor
Email Id:  s.karthikeyan@cii.in
Mobile :9840002983

Dr Shivraj Dhaka
Email Id:  shivraj.dhaka@cii.in
Phone number : +91(40) 4418 5111 Ext. 211
Mobile :9177577288

Sundeep V
Email Id:  sundeep.vullikanti@cii.in
Phone number :91(40) 4418 5125
Mobile : +91 90009 99689


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